KNX sensors / operating elements Building systems engineering KNX

Building systems engineering KNX

KNX sensors / operating elements

Overview of colours

Centralised, convenient operation and display

Control element 4-/8gang


  • Switch Dimming
  • Blind
  • Buttons
  • Value transmitter
  • Light scene extension unit
  • Step switch
  • Multiple operation
  • Logic function (including light scenes)


  • Labellable switch rockers
  • Removal protection
  • Freely programmable user interfaces
  • Colour concept

Control elements with colour concept. And the utmost in comfort

The multifunction control elements with colour concept meet the highest demands in comfort and technology. They come with two RGB LEDs per rocker, which conform to a consistent colour concept. This helps to recognize the function at a glance, and the surfaces can be additionally fitted with pictograms. Each side of a rocker can have a separate function – such as switching on a light scene. This turns a four-way control element into an eight-way control element.

Labelling tool

Precisely designating all products - with the practical labelling tool for your individual text. Easy and visually attractive for numerous products.

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