Busch-VoiceControl® Building systems engineering KNX

Busch-Installationsbus® KNX


Overview of colours

Completely controlled by voice

  • Certified solution for three systems
  • Integration of lighting, heating and blind control
  • All three voice controls can be used in parallel
  • Up to 150 functions can be controlled
  • The HomeKit certification allows the KNX system to be controlled via other HomeKit devices such as iPad, iPhone or Apple TV

Digital voice assistant

Busch-VoiceControl® offers the unique possibility of using the digital voice assistants Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to control buildings completely by voice command. Whether switches, dimmers, blinds or thermostats - you decide which applications you want to use with your voice.

Control of various building functions

Busch-VoiceControl® enables the control of various building functions such as lighting, heating and blinds. The system with up to 150 different functions can be fully configured via the secure and user-friendly MyBuildings portal. It is offered as part of ABB Ability, the industry-leading cloud-based digital solution portfolio.

Building status

With the Busch-VoiceControl® device, information on the current building status, such as room temperature, illuminance and humidity, can be recorded. It also detects all movements or people on the property, increasing security for homeowners when they are out and about.


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