Busch-tacteo® KNX Sensor Building systems engineering KNX

Building systems engineering KNX

Busch-tacteo® KNX Sensor

Overview of colours

KNX sensors made of glass for highest, individual demands

  • freely configurable KNX sensor
  • modern design and first-class quality
  • maximum comfort through simple control
  • individually adaptable with the configurator

Standard control elements and device sizes

The control elements of the  Busch-tacteo® KNX sensor are available in various sizes and different installation standards. The number of functions is variable and can be configured entirely according to your individual requirements and wishes. The larger the control element, the more symbols and functions can be integrated on the surface.

Intuitive operation

As you approach the sensor with the hand, the status illumination activates itself. If the sensor is touched with the entire palm of the hand, a pre-programmed function is triggered, such as the "switch-on of the lights", for example. Also the proven colour concept is of course integrated.

Extra flat and theft-proof

The frameless and extra flat KNX sensor with its 9.5 mm barely extends from the wall and harmoniously matches every design of the wall. The removal protection which protects against theft engenders a feeling of safety.

KNX thermostat

The room temperature controller cares for a perfect feeling of wellbeing. It controls not only the temperature but also the ventilation if desired. The intuitive, easy-to-understand operating concept makes the KNX thermostat particularly easy to control.

Movement detector 180

These innovative and high-quality movement and presence detectors from Busch-Jaeger simply make life more comfortable. They are alert, helpful, efficient. And they automatically manage many tasks in every sector of the building. The movement detector is available in different sizes.

Individually configurable

Design your individual KNX sensor with the  Busch-tacteo® configurator totally according to your requirements. You determine the design and functions, specify the icons and text and select the colour of the housing and push-buttons. Configure now and order directly from your wholesaler.

Hotel access control

No matter whether hotel, holiday facility or apartment – the  Busch-tacteo® KNX sensor comprises individual and flexible solutions which make access control by means of a central control very simple, safe and more economical.

Hotel room control

The  Busch-tacteo® KNX guest room management carries out all functions which make the stay of the guests as comfortable as possible: The contact-less card reader enables the guest convenient access to his room. When the card is inserted into the card reader, the lights, temperature and blinds can be centrally and intuitively controlled.

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