Busch-SmartTouch® Building systems engineering KNX

Building systems engineering KNX


Overview of colours

A touchpanel for intelligent buildings

  • combines all possibilities of a KNX control with modern door communication
  • innovative and elegant
  • for every wall
  • Busch-Installationsbus® KNX and video indoor station for Busch Welcome® in one
  • modern and intuitive to use
  • with an integrated room temperature controller

Intuitive operation for more convenience

With its high-quality capacitive surface, the Busch-SmartTouch® adapts to the mobile trend and is easy to operate. Intuitively, like a smartphone - with a tap and swiping gestures. This means that lights can be switched and dimmed, blinds controlled and the heating regulated in the entire building. Complete scenes can also be created. A total of 480 KNX controls are displayed on a maximum of 30 pages. The user can define his favorite page himself and set time programs. Logic functions and presence simulations can also be easily set. This makes life easier, safer and saves energy for the user.

One device for two systems

The house control of the KNX system and the fully integrated functions of Busch-Welcome® in one device - that is the big benefit of Busch-SmartTouch®. In addition to a direct KNX connection, the panel also has a direct two-wire connection for Busch-Welcome®. The multi-award-winning door communication system impresses with its holistic concept for many areas of application and sets technical and design standards. Instead of needing an additional indoor station for Busch-Welcome®, the door calls can now be answered easily using the Busch-SmartTouch®. This opens up a whole new dimension in home control - with maximum convenience, security and energy efficiency.

Functionality and comfort in one

The Busch-SmartTouch® combines the functionality of a smart home control with the convenience of modern door communication. Everything in an extremely elegant device with a high-quality 7 "touch panel, whose capacitive glass surface makes it extremely easy to use. With its slim design of only 13 mm, the Busch-SmartTouch® can be flush-mounted or installed on the wall. On the non-slip table stand, it is also perfect for reception counters or counter areas.

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