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Expertise always works. Almost unnoticed

  • These innovative and high-quality KNX presence detectors from Busch-Jaeger make life simply more comfortable
  • Saving energy is one of the most important topics 
  •  Vigilant, helpful, efficient
  • heating and air conditioning system, can be integrated intelligently and reliably into the control system

Busch APP presence detector

The new generation of Busch presence detectors with integrated Bluetooth interface can be remote-controlled and configured via a smartphone or tablet app.

Busch-Presence detector Mini KNX

Even what happens at a distance of 8 metres the Busch-Presence detector mini, KNX, uses to send control data to the KNX bus. With its minimal mounting height of only 16 millimetres and edge length of only 8 centimetres it remains unobtrusive. Its contemporary design adapts perfectly to all conditions. The sensor technology detects even the slightest movement in the room. This means that also seated persons always have the best possible light. With its two channels it can even independently switch two light rows. Even as a pure detector with integrated monitoring function it remains as subtle as it is effective.

Busch-Presence detector mini premium KNX

Small and sensitive, with sensors that detect temperature and light up to 8 metres away. With its mere 16 millimetres of height and 8 millimetres edge length it is almost invisible. And it works in many disciplines: whether it uniformly dims the brightness according to set values, regulates the heating and cooling to a fraction of a degree, switches delayed in 5 logic channels, or activates other individual applications via 24 freely programmable infrared channels. Its sensors detect seated persons and the minutest differences in brightness. The Busch-Presence detector mini premium KNX, its greatness comes from within.

Busch-Presence detectors KNX

With a range of uo to 12 metres teh Busch-Presence detector KNX is the most efficient co-worker for light and climate control. The direct KNX connection uses ist data for an extremely sensitive control. Its modern design adapts itself to all interior designs. The sensors detect even the smallest movement, which means that even seated persons always experience the best possible lighting atmosphere. With its two channels it can even independently switch two light rows. And as a pure detector with integrated monitoring function it unobtrusively cares for safety.

Busch-Presence detector premium KNX

Maximum sensitivity that reaches up to a distance of 12 metres. The Busch-Presence detector premium KNX detects even the smallest movement, which means that also seated persons experience the ideal lighting atmosphere and pleasant room climate. And it can do even more: It dims the brightness continuously to the setpoint, regulates heating and cooling to the minutest degrees and switches delayed via 5 logic channels, ideal for gates and staircase lighting. And more: with 24 freely programmable infrared channels, it controls everything you need. Efficiency with diversity.

Busch-Watchdog Sky, KNX

Even in high rooms nothing remains in the dark. The Sky KNX bush guard detects even the smallest movement over a distance of 24 metres. This makes it perfectly suitable for switching light rows on and off in dependence of persons in the room. A perfect motion detector with two independent channels. With the integrated KNX bus coupling unit, it can transfer sensitive data into the system. Its modern compact design adapts itself to all interior designs. Its spacious radius has an added advantage: One detector is sufficient for energy efficiency in high large rooms. The presence detector can also be programmed with the IR remote control. 

Busch-Presence detector Corridor KNX

Saving energy is one of the most important topics in the functional buildings sector. Since a lot of money can be saved especially in the use of light, the optimization of light management is in great demand. And it is precisely for this purpose that the Busch-Presence detectors Corridor KNX have been designed. A large detection range even in long, narrow corridors makes the presence detectors particularly interesting for commercial and administrative buildings, schools, retirement homes, hospitals and hotels. The main difference to conventional presence detectors lies in the detection area, which is rectangular and not circular in both versions. That is why the detection is optimally adapted to long corridors.

Busch-Presence detector Corridor premium KNX

  • Large, rectangular detection range also ideal for long, narrow corridors and hallways
  • Flat construction type and elegant yet unobtrusive design in line with the other Busch presence detectors
  • Premium version with integrated room temperature controller and constant light controller with two-stage deactivation
  • Programming of the premium version possible with infrared remote control
  • Can be mounted without problems in suspended ceilings as well as surface-mounted with SM box and on VDE flush-mounted boxes with intermediate ring

2 in 1 - Presence and room temperature controller

All Busch Premium KNX presence detectors combine the functions of a presence detector with the integrated object room temperature controller. Ideal for all rooms that are centrally controlled via the KNX system.

Programming without a ladder

Practical for adjustments: the Premium KNX presence detectors can be set to programming mode without a conductor using an IR remote control and then programmed conveniently from a PC.

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