The right light at all times

  • The comfort timer control element from the roller shutter/blind control unit can be converted into a timer for lighting control
  • For example, the timer for lighting control works in conjunction with a movement detector or a dimmer
  • In combination with a dimmer , the brightness of the lighting can be adjusted for any turn-on time

Atmospheric light

Let the sun rise and set. Sunsets are known to be atmospheric. You can also use this pleasant light at home. To do this, combine a dimmer insert with the lighting control. You will thus be awakened automatically in the morning with a pleasant, dimmed light. When you get dressed, the light is always bright so that you have no problems choosing what to wear. In the evening, you can set the opposite effect. This is also idea for children's rooms. Atmospheric light for the bedtime story. Later the light continues to dim until it turns off entirely at night.

The KNX system offers comprehensive timing

Perhaps you want to wake up with music a bit later on the weekend? No problem. Blinds go up, selected lights switch on, the radio begins to play and the heating system makes for a comfortable temperature at the right time – all at the time you set. In addition to settings by time and weekday, time periods can also be assigned with special settings. You can preset the special mood lighting you would like to enjoy for Christmas. Or under "Holiday", configure how the heating, lighting and other areas should be controlled during the holidays.

Clever commercial solution

For commercial purposes, we have another clever solution with the timer for lighting control. With the combination of a Busch-Universal master dimmer and a Busch-Timer® control element you can create economical and effective lighting concepts, such as for showcases, for example. Provide various showcases with pleasant light at different times of the day. This imbues your exhibition area with new dynamics. In the twilight hours, slowly increase the lighting of your exhibition area. Later, light only a part of the area and thus save money. You can also stage various scenes with slow dimming and brightening. Your creativity in getting customers attention knows no limits here.