Door and window contact ABB-secure@home


Door and window contact

Overview of colours

More protection for your home

  • With magnetic contact to indicate whether a window/door is open or closed
  • With double sabotage protection (wall and housing)
  • With additional connection possibility for a wired
  • With time-delayed alarm triggering


ABB-secure@home offers the right solution for your application. Thanks to the wireless radio technology, ABB-secure@home can be easily installed in both, new buildings and renovations.

Opening detection


Windows, doors, main or side entrances, shutters or blinds: every opening in the house is checked using perimetric detection sensors. It ensures your protection and a maximum sense of security.

Volumetric acquisition

Volumetric sensors detect every movement or presence within the house. The sensors are attached at strategic points and have lens covers with a range setting that is dependent on requirements. They automatically adapt to changes in the environment and their sensitivity can be adjusted. You can choose between an immediate or delayed alarm signal.

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