Remote control ABB-secure@home


Remote control

Overview of colours

  • With five freely configurable numeric keys
  • To activate or deactivate the entire alarm system, defined zones and to control special actions, such as triggering a silent alarm
  • Status query of the alarm position via integrated colour LED feedback
  • Battery operated
  • Also available as pre-configured remote control

Stylish remote control

With ABB-secure@home, technology and design are always in harmony. Every control device is designed so that it is pleasing at first glance.

Comfortable handling

ABB-secure@home gives you direct control over your intrusion detection system with a stylish remote control with clear pictograms. Four buttons are already fully configured and one button is freely configurable. The four pre-configured buttons are assigned the most frequently used functions: activation of the internal and external alarm systems, deactivation of all intrusion protection zones and triggering of the emergency alarm.

A remote control that controls everything

A small device with great performance. With the ABB-secure@home remote control, you can easily control your burglary alarm system: It has five fully configurable buttons. They can be configured to activate or deactivate intrusion protection zones and special functions such as panic alarm, emergency alarm and silent alarm. And all of this is embedded in an elegant, attractive design.

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