Busch-secure@home system controller ABB-secure@home


Busch-secure@home system controller

Overview of colours

The heart of ABB-secure@home

  • Central control unit for ABB-secure@home
  • Bidirectional radio communication with all ABB-secure@home sensors
  • Up to 64 sensors, 4 sirens, 4 repeaters and 16 remote controls can be taught in
  • Up to 8 zones/ areas configurable
  • Encrypted radio communication with all sensors
  • With integrated ABB-free@home®bus connection
  • Basic commissioning of ABB-secure@home via a display at the system center or via PC or tablet using the ABB-free@home® connection


Focus on the latest technology

The heart of ABB-secure@home is the system controller. It continuously monitors communication with all system components, forms the interface to free@home, offers the option of manual programming via the integrated display and even triggers a telephone call in the event of an alarm, thanks to the integrated GSM interface (depending on the variant).

Unobtrusive simplicity

The installation and commissioning of ABB-secure@ home is straightforward and simple. Thanks to interference-free and professional wireless devices, damage to your masonry and wall covering is avoided. The intuitive system architecture and the intelligent system controller and the connection to free@home allow easy control via remote control or via your smartphone or tablet.

Intelligent radio system, maximum security

The wireless ABB-secure@home system sends and receives at 868.3 MHz and thus enables absolutely precise detection and interpretation of the signals. Encrypted bidirectional communication reduces energy consumption and increases security during transmission. The integrated CSMA technology (Carrier Sense Multiple Access) ensures optimized communication to avoid interference and interference. The system center continuously monitors the communication for possible interference.

Security is a thing of beauty

The ABB-secure@home system controller: the ultimate solution for style and design. Who says a security system can't look good? ABB-secure@home is a successful combination of modern technology and simple ergonomics. The elegant and stylish design goes hand in hand with easy installation and programming.

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