Sensor units ABB-free@home®

Design program ABB-free@home®

Sensor units

Overview of colours

Modularity makes everything possible

  • ABB-free@home® considers all important applications
  • Switching and dimming lights
  • Movement detection
  • Control of blinds, scenes, heating, air conditioning
  • Door Entry
  • Remote access via smartphones and tablets as well as time functions.
  • Rocker optionally available with icons (blind, light, dimmer, scene)


If you are thinking of renovating your home, you will appreciate the wireless freedom. All sensor units are also available in wireless versions 

Wide range

The rocker, single and rocker, or double sensor units can be freely assigned the blind,  light, dimming or scene functions.

Room temperature controller

The room temperature controller developed for ABB-free@home® controls the temperatures in your home. The sensor unit has a temperature indication with the SET value. 

Motion detector

For automatic switching of ABB-free@home® actuators dependent on movement and brightness. The movement detector has a select lens for detection with animal access.

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