Heating element thermostat, wireless ABB-free@home®

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Heating element thermostat, wireless

Overview of colours

Intelligent thermostat

  • for temperature control of water-bearing radiators
  • wireless communication with ABB-free@home®
  • Easy to retrofit
  • No heating or cooling with an open window
  • Energy savings through time-of-day, individual temperature control

Heating and climate

Comfortable and energy-saving. With ABB-free@home®, the optimal room temperature can be regulated individually and according to actual needs. Depending on the time of day and the function of the room. In ECO mode, the temperature is automatically reduced at night or when you are absent.

Intelligent thermostat

Heating thermostats are active components for individual room temperature control that actuate the valve of the respective radiator. Electric motors serve as the drive for opening or closing the heating valves. These are battery operated and work quietly. The intelligent control by the ABB-free@home® system enables the implementation of the finest adjustment nuances - for a perfect climate at all times.

Comfortable and user-friendly

ABB-free@home® is very easy to use. Blinds, lights, heating, air conditioning and door communication can be controlled from near and far with a computer, tablet or smartphone via WLAN. With the Panel also from a central place in the house or, as usual, via a switch on the wall.

Basic & Comfort

The heating thermostat Comfort for ABB-free@home® differs from the heating thermostat Basic in the integrated display and the setting wheel for adjusting the setpoint on the device.

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