Always abreast of the times

There are tasks which have to be carried out every day. Why not delegate these routines rather than checking your watch? Timers can manage and switch things precisely to the minute - to leave you time for more important things.

Busch-Timer® for roller shutter/ blind control
Timer for blinds. The integrated astrological program automatically adjusts the up and down times to sunrise and sunset times throughout the year. The timer can be removed from the insert and conveniently programmed while holding it in your hand.
Busch-short-time timer / countdown timer
Busch short-time timers make a countdown with the function of a timer possible.
Busch-Timer® for lighting control
With the suitable flush-mounted inserts the comfort timer control element of the roller shutter/blind control unit can be converted to a Busch-Timer® for lighting control. Then the timer operates, for example, in combination with a movement detector or a dimmer.