Socket outlets

Optimum power supply

Living without current today is impossible. However, it can also quickly become life-threatening. A device can quickly become defective without being aware of it, or the offspring plays with the socket outlet. Hazards can also occur when one drills into a power cable, unintentionally damages a cable or lightning strikes. All this is prevented when one has installed the safe and convenient socket outlets from Busch-Jaeger.

SCHUKO® socket outlet
Whether in the kitchen, basement or bathroom: the easily retrofittable SCHUKO® socket increases safety against life-threatening body currents. These are caused by line damage, moisture or defective devices.
SCHUKO® socket outlet Safety+
The SCHUKO® socket outlet with integrated shutter offers greater protection against the dangers of electric shock. In contrast to inserts that are fitted later, it has the product guarantee of the VDE mark of conformity. The socket outlet is easy to use and the design is unimpaired.
SCHUKO® socket outlet with hinged lid
Visibly more attractive. Optically very discreet socket outlet for an upscale ambience. For example next to works of art or in combination with switches.
Safer than insurance. Protects expensive electronic equipment from overvoltage caused by lightning or mains disturbances. This protects valuable data at the same time. By a simple exchange of the socket outlets one's devices can be protected. The Busch-Protector® safely arrests the overvoltage and so protects against damage.