USB charging devices

The end of overfilled multiple socket outlets has arrived

The USB charging devices are the ideal location for charging mobile telephones. The SCHUKO® USB socket outlet can be retrofitted and no socket outlet location is lost. The USB power adapter insert serves for charging larger devices. The USB charging station insert is suitable for charging modern mobile telephones, digital cameras and similar devices with batteries and micro-USB connection.

USB charging station insert
One connection for all. With micro-USB port for charging smartphone, MP3 player, camera or other devices. The integrated charging cable eliminates the need for power supplies.
USB power adapter insert
The USB power adapter insert serves for charging larger devices. It can be used to charge up to two smartphones, digital cameras or similar devices with rechargeable batteries.
SCHUKO® USB socket outlet
A logical combination of normal socket and USB connection. This allows smartphones and tablets to be charged at a fixed location during power operation.
Busch-powerDock with charging port for Apple*-Lightning or USB Type-C offers many solutions for optimal charging. The ideal docking station for docking iPhones* and iPods*. No more tedious searching for a cable. The energy station is always at the same location.