Remote control

The new switching freedom.

Comfortably controlling the lighting from any point in the room. Easily via radio signal. Without any additional cables. With the new ZigBee Light Link which makes possible the uncomplicated control of lighting solutions from many renowned manufacturers. Or with the WaveLINE radio control system, whose manual transmitter turns the remote control of individual lamps and electric drives such as blinds and roller blinds and the call-up of evocative light scenes into child's play.

Friends of Hue
“Friends of Hue” smart switch. This elements will turn the control of your Philips Hue lamps into sheer enjoyment. And that from anywhere in the room. Free and flexible. Completely wireless without batteries – by smart radio technology.
ZigBee Light Link
When it comes to light control and light scenes, ZigBee Light Link is the answer. Three different control elements are available for flexible application design, either as control elements for flush-mounted use or battery-operated units.
WaveLINE remote control and wall-mounted transmitter
WaveLINE is not only surprisingly easy to install. The system is also extremely versatile. Switching, controlling blinds and calling up entire light scenes and main functions with a press of a button: the WaveLINE makes living a little more comfortable. You will quickly get used to the everyday advantages of comfort that practical remote radio control provides and will not want to miss it. You may even get additional ideas about other functions that you would like to easily and without any effort convert to radio control.