Music stirs the emotions. At any location.

Busch-AudioWorld® is a flexible and convenient audio system for entertainment and communication. Its high-quality components impress with the utmost in functionality, intuitive operation and innovative design. In combination with the practical accessories it is a unique range of high-performance products that offers individual solutions for every application..

The ingeniously simple way to bring music and information into your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom - without taking up a lot of space and without tangled cables. Equipped as standard with time display and alarm function, the radio can even play MP3 or CDs via a separate audio input: in mono or stereo (only with additional loudspeaker). Great for the comfort value of your homes!
Busch Bluetooth receiver
Minimalist. The Busch-Bluetooth Receiver is the ideal solution for all who stream their own selection of music from the smartphone and do not need a flush-mounted radio. The new receiver impresses with its high tonal quality and connection for an external music source. The receiver receives the data via Bluetooth, to continue processing them directly. Cleanly amplified via the wall loudspeakers without any visible cables.