Always the perfect light

Beautiful music, a glass of wine, a soft sofa. What makes this even more perfect now is pleasantly subdued and colourful illumination. The innovative and elegant Busch-Dimmer® units with their soft reduction of the volume of light create an intimate, cosy atmosphere. They offer the possibility of creating the kind of illumination that suits the mood and the occasion. 

Busch Memory Serial Dimmer
One place for two. The space-saving model for dimming two independent luminaires. A brief press of the button switches the respective lamp on and off. A long press of the button dims. With convenient memory function.
Busch touch dimmer
Light as desired with a press of the button. Touch-dimmers make life particularly easy and offer refined comfort. For example, when switching the light on again the brightness level selected last is automatically restored.
Busch rotary dimmer
Comfortable light control in a trice. With the practical, classical rotary knob, which already tells you from a distance that here you can adjust the light.