Movement detectors

For the pleasant feeling of safety

These innovative and high-quality movement and presence detectors by Busch-Jaeger simply make life more comfortable. They are alert, helpful, efficient. And they automatically manage many tasks in every sector of the building. Indoors and outdoors. When it comes to safety, you know precisely when the light is needed. And other functions such as heating and air-conditioning can be intelligently and reliably integrated.

Proximity switch
Gesture control is a known feature of gaming consoles. With an innovative active infrared technology Busch-Jaeger is the first manufacturer in Germany to implement gesture control in switches to eliminate the need for touch control. Its use in daily life is truly amazing.
Busch-Comfort switch®
Motion detector and switch perfectly combined: The Busch Comfort Switch® fits compactly into the switch frame and offers all types of light switching, from manual to fully automatic. The technology performs more than just one function. Coupled with a flush-mounted radio, it can switch on light and radio simultaneously in the guest toilet. Manual use is also optimized, as you can switch on and off with a single movement of your hand and without touching a rocker - hygienically and very elegantly.