Security technology

You can only relax if you feel safe

Foresight is always better than hindsight. Because much can happen in everyday life. Sometimes something that is extremely dangerous for residents, and sometimes you only get annoyed when something breaks. With the modern security technology from Busch-Jaeger you are always on the safe side. Because it is always there when you need it.

Heater emergency switch
The heater emergency switch is the main switch for the entire heating system. The switch is installed outside the boiler room and indicates clearly visibly via the control lamp whether the system is operating.
Safer than insurance. Protects expensive electronic equipment from overvoltage caused by lightning or mains disturbances. This protects valuable data at the same time. By a simple exchange of the socket outlets one's devices can be protected. The Busch-Protector® safely arrests the overvoltage and so protects against damage.
Busch Info Light
The Busch Infolight provides information and clear orientation in an unobtrusive way. A special field with backlit pictogram identifies the toilet, indicates smoke-free zones or provides information on special application areas. The Busch Infolight is helpful everywhere.