ABB-free@home® is specially tailored to the needs of smart residential buildings and is ideal for both new construction and renovation projects. Blinds, lighting, heating, air conditioning or door communication can be easily controlled according to your personal wishes. You can use the functions individually or combine them with others.

Weather Station
Our weather station records temperature, wind speed and rain. As soon as there is a storm, blinds are raised automatically. Crushed slats or broken window panes are now a thing of the past. If a roof window is open, the system can send a message to the user's smartphone or tablet.
ABB-free@homeTouch 7"
The ABB-free@homeTouch executes ABB-free@home® functions via a freely configurable operating side and simultaneously functions as a link to the ABB-Welcome door communication system. A total of 16 functions can be freely configured - switching and dimming lights, motion detection, controlling blinds, scenes, heating, air conditioning, door communication and time functions.
ABB-free@homeTouch 4.3"
With the compact and slim ABB-free@homeTouch 4.3" up to 16 functions can be switched with exceptional comfort, such as a central everything-off command or the status of the window, for example. Operation is carried out with tap or swipe gestures, intuitive and varied: When the panel is touched with three or more fingers at the same time, the ceiling light switches on or off automatically, even if the panel is currently in standby mode. The integrated room temperature controller cleverly replaces the conventional control technique. Nice, when the electrical fitter can offer something outstanding. Here it is a subtle design as flush-mounted model with a mounting height of only 8 mm. Installed fast and, thanks to ABB-free@home®, intuitively programmed.
System Access Point 2.0
The System Access Point 2.0, the heart of the Smart Home system, is the logical further development to meet the growing standards of intelligent consumers. The updated hardware has an elegant and sleek design that can now connect up to 150 wired and wireless devices.
Sensor units
The ABB-free@home® range takes all important applications into consideration - switching and dimming of lights, detection of movement, control of blinds, scenes, heating, air-conditioning, door communication, remote access via smartphones and tablets as well as time functions.