Simply reassuring.

Programs for safety.

Safety is quality of life. Because the desire of humans for safety is an innate instinct. This need is particularly pronounced within the privacy of the home. However, only those who take precautions with the right concept have the certainty that the family, house and possessions are safe. The safety programs from Busch-Jaeger offer comprehensive protection and effective control. Both inside and out. For the invaluable feeling of warmth and security.

Emergency call systems.

There are always situations in which the elderly or the disabled urgently need assistance, such as in the bathroom for example. If one falls and can no longer get up unassisted, the Busch-Infoline® emergency call system is indispensable. The pull chord of the signal push-button can be pulled while lying on the floor, or the button can be pressed. This reliably informs a helper who can then quickly come to assist. If the alarm has been signalled, the LED comforting light indicates that the emergency call has been sent. This reassures, because the person knows that help is on the way.
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Door communication.

The front door is the gateway between two worlds - private and public. And this as safely as possible. Here the door communication by Busch-Jaeger opens new perspectives. As a holistic system ABB-Welcome combines design, comfort, efficiency and safety. This enables living space to be consistently and uniformly designed and effectively protected. Inside and outdoors. ABB-Welcome makes it easier for residents and visitors to gain safe access to unique comfort and functional design. With the wide range of well-designed products, optimum and especially safe door communication can be made a reality for all types of buildings.
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Electrical safety.

Living without current today is impossible. However, it can also quickly become life-threatening. A device can quickly become defective without a person being aware of it, or the offspring plays inquisitively around the socket outlet. Hazards can also occur when one drills into an existing power cable, unintentionally damages a cable or lightning strikes. Bush-Jaeger offers a wide range of helpful and especially safe socket outlets. They make housework easier, protect against hazardous body currents, reduce the risk of accidents or they can be safely locked.
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The correct lighting is an especially important factor when it comes to the topic of safety. Outdoors the lamps in combination with movement detectors always give one a good feeling. If someone enters the property, the light switches on reliably and it safely shows the way. And in case of an emergency, the Busch-MasterLight® front door illumination offers an alarm function, the lamp flashes red and white. Also indoors one can always move around safely. Because even on bright days there are always spots in buildings, cellars and underground car parks that are dark and not clearly visible. Stairs are then especially hazardous. But also when heading for the refrigerator in the dark, one can quickly sustain an injury. With the permanently installed Busch-steplight® and the flush-mounted emergency light one is always on the safe side.
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Movement detector.

Wide awake day and night. Whether inside or outdoors, with the Busch-Watchdog movement detectors you are never alone. Just like a friendly spirit they are always there when needed. And master every situation with consummate ease. They reliably switch on the light when you enter the cellar or pass through dark corridors. And when the room is unoccupied, they reliably switch it off again and save energy.
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Smoke detector/Heat detector.

The private fire brigade is always on standby to ensure safety. Because a fire can start quickly and unexpectedly. Many heat sources are used in the household - especially in the kitchen. Suddenly the doorbell rings, you start chatting with your neighbour, the saucepan overheats and a fire starts. With the Busch-Heat alarm detector ProfessionalLINE you are on the safe side. Several smoke and heat detectors can be reliably networked. If the house has concrete ceilings, the smoke detectors in the stairwell transmit the radio signal (repeater function). Then all installed devices alert the residents immediately - irrespective of where the smoke is located. This increases safety enormously, especially at night if not all rooms are being used. Life-saving smoke detectors are mandatory in many federal states. The Busch-Smoke alarm detector ProfessionalLINE conforms to all necessary standards.
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Blinds management.

A house has many windows. Modern and reliable control of the blinds, however, is strongly recommended not only when the sun shines or one does not wish to be disturbed in the evening. It also serves the purpose of safety. One does not need to laboriously operate each blind individually. The intelligent blinds management system from Busch-Jaeger automatically and cleverly controls the light, shade and safety. The timer function for presence simulation provides special protection for the house. The blinds open and close even when no one is at home. And the combination of sunlight and glass-break sensors makes protection for the building especially effective.
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Window monitoring.

All windows within view. Security technology must respond not merely respond when a persons tries to gain access. The protection of a house begins much earlier. With the control of the windows, for example. Because open windows are an invitation to uninvited guests. But also rain and storm can cause severe damage. With the WaveLINE window sensor one has all the windows under control at the same time. The sensors of this intelligent system do not determine whether the window touches the frame. Rather, they monitor whether the handle is in its correct position to ensure that the window or the terrace door is locked. The WaveLINE LED display indicates whether the window is open, tilted or closed.
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Here you will find future-oriented product solutions of the highest optical and technical quality for making daily life safer.
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Intelligent technology for a secure feeling.

The products from Busch-Jaeger keep watch night and day to ensure your house is safe. It welcomes guests, warns of the danger of fire or alerts the residents when uninvited guests approach. Here just a few suggestions from the range.