Busch-Jaeger and Philips.

A shining cooperation.

The focus of Philips is to improve the quality of life with innovative solutions in the areas of healthcare, consumer lifestyle and lighting. In the lighting sector Philips is spearhead in ground-breaking technologies such as LED and OLED. The company is actively involved in the switchover to energy-efficient and sustainable solutions for lighting to improve the well-being people and the ecological balance.

Perfect dimming of LEDs - continuously soft, without a flicker, without any noise, downward compatible and with an assured future. What was a real challenge just a few years ago has today become a fascinating reality. Thanks to the pioneering cooperation of Busch-Jaeger, the innovative leader of the electrical industry, with Philips, the global market leader for lighting. The joint project: The development of new dimmers which harmonize perfectly with LED lamps and meet the highest demands for operating comfort and quality of light. The result are high-quality dimmers - innovative solutions from Busch-Jaeger which are ideally adapted to Philips Master-LED lamps.

LED lamps are the most modern lamps. They redefine the use of light and use only a fifth of the energy of conventional lamps. The Master-LED lamps from Philips are suitable for the direct replacement of conventional incandescent lamps and can be used equally in classical lamps such as current design objects.

The innovative Busch-Dimmer® units with their soft reduction of the volume of light create an intimate, cosy atmosphere. Noiselessly they offer the possibility of creating the kind of illumination that suits the mood and the occasion. Even in the mixed operation of LEDs, incandescent lamps and halogen lighting.

Replacement saves money. And energy. This makes the decision for modern LED lamps easy. Because the innovative Busch-Dimmer® replaces the existing switch, while the comfort function such as two-way or intermediate switches is retained without any restriction.