Information for modernizers.

Treat yourself to state-of-the-art technology.

An excellent exchange. Fast, easy and clean. For greater comfort and quality of life. Economical via retrofitting: simply replace the old product with the modern solution. An excellent idea. Not only fast and uncomplicated, but also energy-efficient. Please see your electrical installer.

Comfortable switching.

Light according to requirement.

Perfect support. When you enter the room, the comfort switch turns on the lighting automatically. And it switches it off again when you leave the room. But only to the extent you desire. You can, of course, switch the lighting on or off as usual by hand - at any time.
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Opening and closing.

But not completely?

The up and down movement of roller blinds is very simple. If, however, one wishes to move them down to a specific position, only 1/3 for example, up to now one had to wait until this position was reached. The blind comfort switch, on the other hand, stops automatically according to the position of the rotary knob. The blinds also move up and down automatically via the integrated time function.
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Retaining the location of the Schuko® socket outlet.

Gaining a USB energy station.

One never has enough socket outlets. That is why it is good to have the SCHUKO® USB socket outlet available. Charge your mobile phone, tablet or your digital camera via the integrated USB connection without having to go without an existing socket outlet.
To the SCHUKO® USB socket outlet

Know what is happening locally.

The radio for every room.

Enjoying comfort every day. The digital radio receives the local radio station. In the kitchen or bathroom, for example. Permanently installed in a flush-mounted box of the switch combination. You can listen to music or inform yourself about the current traffic situation via a separate loudspeaker that is installed directly next to it or also further away.
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Online with or without cable.

Network socket with integrated WLAN access.

Invisibly connected. How does one connect a smartphone or a tablet to the network socket outlet? It's easy! It additionally has a WLAN access point, which allows you to access the Internet with mobile terminal devices. This network socket additionally requires 230 V.
To the flush-mounted WLAN access point

Automatic light.

On and off according to requirement.

The safe way. The flush-mounted movement detector is installed in the switch combination instead of a switch and from there switches the lighting on and off independently. Ideal for transit rooms such as corridors and stairwells or for the guest WC.
To the Busch-Watchdog 180 Comfort, flush-mounted

One place for two.

Dimming two lamps with the one switch.

Comfort for retrofitting. Dimmers can be retrofitted if a double switch (2gang switch) is available in the flush-mounted box with which two light circuits are switched. The 2gang dimmer can dim two independent light circuits and even switch the lighting on again with the previous brightness.
To the Busch Memory 2gang dimmer

Cosy light.

Also possible with LED dimmers.

Future-oriented. Currently the LED lamps are involved in a conquest, as were the energy-saving lamps in the past. There are special LED dimmers to ensure that the comfort and the pleasant atmosphere is retained during the evening meal. Here our recommendation is ideal: Philips LED lamps from your electrical installer.
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Operating instructions.

Technical data in the Online-Catalogue.

In the Busch-Jaeger Online-Catalogue at www.BUSCH-JAEGER-CATALOGUE.com you will find all technical data on articles such as operating instructions, dimensional and circuit diagrams, specification text, certificates, software, parts lists and much more. Simply search for the article number, order number or full-text.
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Additional information.

In the Catalogue & Brochures overview you can find all brochures and catalogues as scrolling catalogues or for viewing/downloading as PDF file.
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With the Busch-Jaeger apps you can admire your favourite light switches or the door communication products of the ABB-Welcome range from all angles - just simply with the aid of the 3D apps and a tracking motive. Additional apps will assist you in controlling the Busch-Jaeger products and systems. These and additional apps are available in the App Store and the Google Play Store.
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