Busch-Jaeger and Miele.

Together, even better. Two strong partners pave the way for the intelligent house.

Up to now, enormous technical effort was required to connect household appliances with building systems technology. What visionaries had long foreseen failed, because it was too complicated in practice. With Miele and Busch-Jaeger the dream of a fully networked house is finally becoming a reality - not with expensive special solutions, but with current product ranges which are equipped with the appropriate communication modules. The combination of two sophisticated solutions, which have proven themselves on the market, guarantee the highest quality and safety of function. On both sides there is an extremely comprehensive range which can be immediately integrated into the overall system.

Miele@home. Communication-capable devices for the intelligent house.

Communications technology has grown enormously in importance in recent years. Today the Internet is used as the standard information platform. We have become used to being available constantly and everywhere via the mobile phone. It was only in the home that we were limited to the use of conventional appliances. That is why Miele is using modern technology to make household appliances communication-capable: The overall Miele@Home system is a system solution for the intelligent home. Pre-equipped household appliances can be easily retrofitted and then communicate with each other; but they can also be checked and controlled with aid of auxiliary devices. A wide range of products of communication-capable home and built-in devices are available - in first-class quality and high-quality design, which has been demonstrated with numerous awards.


KNX, the technology behind Living space® from Busch-Jaeger, already covers a large part of home technology. During the last few years further technologies, especially the Internet, have been integrated into the system. Now, finally, with the new interface, also the world of household appliances has been added. The Miele@home gateway combines Miele appliances and the Busch-ComfortTouch® into one comprehensive network. No cables need to be laid because both components are not only LAN-capable but also WLAN-capable. The Busch-ComfortTouch® establishes the connection to KNX. This makes system-linking solutions easy to implement.
To the product

Some approaches to solving problems could be.

  • Information about the status and remaining time is not only shown on the display of the combination steam cooker. That the dinner is ready can now also be shown in other locations in the house.
  • If all loads are switched off centrally when leaving the house, the oven can continue to operate for the set time. Only then will it switch off automatically.
  • Also the light of the cooker hood can be switched via KNX and integrated into light scenes. This allows it to be switched from an adjoining room or via the remote control, for example.
  • Fully integrated dishwashers offer an optical high-quality adaptation to the design of the kitchen. However, one has the operating and signal panel in view only when the door is open. Now the information of the appliance can also be shown on the Busch-ComfortTouch®. This allows the selected program and how long it will continue to run to be seen even when the door is closed.
  • Also the status of washing machines can be shown on the display - this is especially helpful when the washing machine is located in the cellar and not in the apartment.