Modern living.

With responsibility for the environment.

Our world deserves more people who personally get involved in caring for the environment. Everyone can help. And Busch-Jaeger helps with efficiency concepts.

From thinking to action.

All progress starts with the first step. Gradually unconscious behaviour changes into conscious saving of energy. Energy efficiency starts at home. Aside from global declarations of intent, theories are already being implemented in practice regionally. By each of us, in our home. We become private energy managers who daily make a valuable contribution to the protection of the environment.

Energy efficiency. Controlled private enjoyment.

Independence is measurable. Consciously we use less energy than in reality. Energy is simply something we use on the side. That is why we need to discipline ourselves, convince ourselves when, for what and how much energy we actually use. Only then can we take action and use it economically. The consumption figures for electricity, water, gas and heat become obvious and can be read with electronic household meters and/or other electronic division meters. The prerequisite for the exchange of data between users and energy suppliers is the prompt recording of measured values. Only those who know their consumption can take measures to control it.

Self-determination can be regulated.

Consumption behaviour is just as important as the prompt recording of consumption. Those who use a lot of energy during rush hours will soon have to pay more. Those who operate their washing machines or charge their batteries for the e-mobile during relaxed periods, at night, for example, pay less. The appropriate solutions for visualization of living spaces come from Busch-Jaeger and can be compiled individually. The flexible tariff versions are being planned by the energy suppliers. Additionally, many of us are slowly becoming self-suppliers in matters of power and heat. Whether photovoltaics on the roof or combined heat and power in the cellar. If the private environment experiences these diverse energetic changes, everyone can make his personal contribution and take on even more responsibility for the environment.

Smart Metering. Intelligence, linked with efficiency.

From vision to reality. Real-time metering and transparency about actual energy consumption. Desirable fundamentals for efficient energy management. And the economic use of resources. The good old "rotary-disc electric meter" will gradually disappear and the Smart Meter, the clever meter, will move into the cellar. The reason is plausible. The users expect to know at all times how high their consumption is and how long their consumption periods are, in order to respond appropriately. Since January 1, 2010, the installation of the new, digital generation of meters in new and renovated buildings is prescribed by law. The new technology is already in use for the divisions of electricity and gas, and additional divisions will be retrofitted with appropriate interfaces. Displays in the living area will provide the visualization, to allow the consumption to be comfortably checked and efficiently controlled.

LED. The light of the future.

Innovative and long-lasting. LED technology with its efficiency values is far superior to previous lighting systems: extremely low power consumption with extremely long service life.
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Switchover to LED.

The ongoing development of LEDs is enormous. For example, already today 60-watt incandescent lamps can be replaced without a problem with 12-watt retrofit LEDs; also the first 100-watt replacement lamps are already available on the market. Experts believe that the power of the LEDs will still rise drastically. Stands to reason that more and more people want to switch over to LEDs.
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Dynamic dimming.

Busch-Jaeger counts as one of the leading manufacturers of dimmers in Europe for many years. Again and again we were able to prove our leadership in innovation and our know-how in this segment in the past. In the future Busch-Jaeger will be able to respond even faster and better to the technological progress and the requirements of the customers. The cooperation agreement entered in 2010 with Philips, the world's leading manufacturer of LED lamps, has made it possible to continuously establish innovative solutions. The latest results: With regard to dimmers for flush-mounted boxes, Busch-Jaeger is up to the present the only manufacturer who can offer the customer a product which is clearly declared as LED dimmer. As usual, the dimmers can be smoothly integrated in many Busch-Jaeger switch ranges, to create an optically pleasing appearance.
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Here you will find future-oriented product solutions of the highest optical and technical quality for making daily life more efficient.
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Highest efficiency cleverly controlled.

The products from Busch-Jaeger keep an eye on the economic efficiency of the house. They effectively control light and room temperature or inform the residents in detail about the consumption in the different areas. Here just a few suggestions from the range.