The external value of design is aesthetics.

The inner value is high-quality standard.

Design is elementary for the identity of Busch-Jaeger. It is an expression of its characteristic values - self-assured, original, future-orientated. And, since our products are characterized by high functionality, we also demand the sustainable experience of perfection from its aesthetics. In this way we offer our customers first-class solutions - for the creation of individual styles of living.

Our design follows a simple rule.

Everything uncomplicated.

Life is getting ever more complex. Living space is becoming part of intelligent and interlinked systems. That is why our products must be uncomplicated and easy to access. Easy to understand and operate intuitively. With as much comfort as possible.

The best designers. Our customers.

In the design of our products our focus is on people and their living environment. Products must relate and appeal to the user. That is why Busch-Jaeger holds intensive discussions with its customers. This enables us to do justice to every requirement in close cooperation with architects and engineers.

More than progress. Being in the lead.

Continuously setting new standards is for us both the way and the objective. By means of innovative production processes and new technology, future-oriented products with fascinating aesthetics are created. The latest information about the wishes of our customers has assisted us for decades to remain in the lead.

The difference. Perceptible in the detail.

Aesthetes value subtleties. In the case of shapes, this could be a slight curvature. For surfaces, a special structure. For colours, a nuance. Design from Busch-Jaeger is always well-thought-out, even if it becomes merely a detail. Such as a switch that attracts attention or remains unobtrusively discreet.

Design inspires. Architecture inspires design.

Today products, interior design and architecture are seen in the same context.
Busch-Jaeger has used this interaction for years and thinks comprehensively. This mutual inspiration optimizes the result - a harmonious living environment in which products are integrated or accentuated.
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For us there is only one taste. Good taste.

To suit individual requirements and perfect in all versions. That is the Bush-Jaeger standard. Yet, it involves more than just pure aesthetics. People should identify their personal style with the products. That is why we analyze the lifestyle of our customers and observe current trends.

Perfect together. In every way.

Design has a special effect in its interaction with architecture. Here one needs to observe the entire living environment, so that all components blend into a single unit. Busch-Jaeger has been collaborating with renowned brand manufacturers for many years. It is only through mutual cooperation that the high-quality standard for holistic solutions can be met and optics, material as well as function can be perfectly harmonized.
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Timeless form. Nothing is more lasting.

To be modern, but not trendy - this is the basis for the continuity of the design from Busch-Jaeger. The excellent design of the switch ranges, for example, has lived together harmoniously with architecture for decades. And it will be available for the long-term. Like the Busch-Jaeger Reflex SI. This switch has been produced unchanged for over 30 years. Its timeless design still delights the observer today, and will continue do so in the future.
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Design has an important task. To shape the future.

Innovative concepts are born from visions. That is why designers need to recognize trends, to create new ones themselves. Each development at Busch-Jaeger starts with a look toward tomorrow. To people in changed living environments. And to new technologies. This trip into the future turns into a study of form in the present. For design from new perspectives.

Aesthetics that function perfectly. That is award-winning.

The innovative products from Busch-Jaeger meet the highest standards for shape, function and quality of materials. No wonder that the products regularly receive important design awards from renowned panels of experts. That is a great honour for us. And at the same time motivation to use our expertise and the experience we have acquired over the past 130 years also in the future in the development of perfect solutions.

Modern optics that harmonize perfectly.

The products from Busch-Jaeger have a timeless beauty and impress with their straight-lined, plain design. They can be combined and offer an elegant and uniform appearance in the design of individual living space. Here just a few suggestions from the range.