Comfort is quality of life.

And turns the house into a home.

Humans have always had the desire for technical comfort. However, what was perhaps a dishwasher or a remote control in the past, is intelligent technology today that controls the entire house and makes life more safe, more economical and more pleasant. It turns rooms into modern and exclusive living space. With an individual ambience, cosy atmosphere and perfect feel-good climate. With a colourful display of light and impressive sound. Everything designed and controlled with the innovative products from Busch-Jaeger.

Freedom reinvented. Experiencing comfort anew.

Comfortable and modern functionality creates freedom. And brings your home back to life every day. The building control systems from Busch-Jaeger practically think for themselves and can be flexibly adapted to all kinds of requirements and living concepts. No matter whether this means an increase in efficiency, the design of the individual atmosphere or the requirement for safety. With the innovative operating concepts such as the unique Busch-priOn® colour concept for fast access to the desired functions a totally new cultural flair can be intuitively created. And the house can be monitored and organised from any location with just a few movements and with the utmost in comfort. Comfort, however, also means very simple installation due to coordinated, easily combinable systems. Each day is turned into a personal experience. Networked and fascinatingly simple.

Here you will find future-oriented product solutions of the highest optical and technical quality for making daily life more comfortable.
To the solutions

Life can be so easy.

Busch-Jaeger products make each day easier, more effective and more comfortable. You manage your entire house, care for comprehensive safety and create a pleasant atmosphere wherever you are. Here just a few suggestions from the range.