Information for Architects.

Creativity. The freedom to design.

For it inspiration and impulses are essential. These impulses Busch-Jaeger offers with its new perspectives for the future. For the lasting effect of technology and design. And to allow you the architect the largest possible freedom to turn your visions into reality.
From the first idea up to the perfect detail. When living space displays itself as well-thought-out from every perspective. When design is perfected by comfort, efficiency and safety. It is then that a building develops its very own character.

The material for character – Uniqueness.

The attitude of the designer or investor is reflected in all areas of the building. It becomes visible by design. It is experienced by function. It is felt by comfort. Profitability makes it affordable. All this is made possible with the products for electrical installation and building systems technology from Busch-Jaeger.

The safe decision.

For modern building control the choice of the right concept is essential. With Busch-Jaeger both technology and design remain future-oriented. This is because the range has been designed for sustainability. Long-term use and expandability guarantee modularity as well as products with internationally and nationally accepted standards. This means that the ABB i-bus® KNX system remains ready for the integration of future innovations.
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Products – Millions of options and more.

Complete variety. For every application. For every situation. For every requirement. Because the Busch-Jaeger range follows the holistic approach. And that is why it can be implemented in a flexible and modular way in the most diverse projects.
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Convincing through reality – Excellent references.

Renowned architectural offices on all continents have for many years put their full trust in the solutions for building control from Busch-Jaeger. This is because they can fully rely worldwide on the excellent design and innovative technology as well as first-class service from a single source. Especially in the case of complex and international projects can the advantages be perceived already during the planning process.
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Pulse - The magazine for trend-setting architecture.

Busch-Jaeger is much more than a switch manufacturer. Busch-Jaeger is working on an intelligent, efficient and sustainable network that links people, spaces and buildings. That is why topics such as quality with tradition, technology with a human face and expertise in designing are given high priority. Pulse deals with the most varied points of view on this topic and is therefore a must for all those who see electrical installation as an integral part of architecture.
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All current issues for downloading (PDF) or as e-paper are available.
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Partnerships in sector architecture.

Busch-Jaeger would like to supplement excellent architecture and design with products that increase comfort, safety and efficiency. We are interested in the requirements of architects and interior designers and enter partnerships to support them. Busch-Jaeger/ABB is, among others, platinum member of the Society of British and International Design (SBID), dialogue partner of IG Architektur in Vienna and xlargepartner of Architekturzentrum Wien (Az W) (Architectural Centre Vienna).

Society of British and International Design (SBID).

The Society of British and International Design (SBID) in London, UK, like the German BDIA (Association of German Interior Designers), stands for all-encompassing training and qualification of the profession. ABB/Busch-Jaeger use the SBID as a platform to convey to architects and interior designers the relevance of attractive, comfortable and energy-saving building control in building projects.

IG Architektur in Vienna.

IG Architektur is an association and was founded in 2001 with objective to cooperate in improving the working conditions for creative architectural designers in Austria. IG Architektur has almost 300 members and a function room in Vienna. A mentor program and dialogue events on architectural topics are important activities in which also ABB/Busch-Jaeger take part.

Architekturzentrum Wien (Az W) (Architectural Centre Vienna).

As a lively exhibition site the centre in Vienna, Austria, it offers its visitors a variety of exhibition formats in its rooms. A permanent exhibition, annually several large international temporary exhibitions as well as smaller productions present the diversity of contemporary architecture. The special focus here is on the architecture of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Association of Dutch Interior Designers (bni).

The bni (beroepsvereniging nederlandse interierarchitecten / professional association of Dutch interior designers) is an association for Dutch interior decorators, architects and designers. The declared objective is to provide solid support for interior design in Holland. The bni offers interior designers every form of support with their work as well as a communication platform. The association also benefits builders since it offers a search function for suitable interior designers. We look forward to our partnership with the bni and in being able to display our affinity with excellent design in Holland.

Association of Austrian Interior Designers (BÖIA).

The Bund österreichischer Innenarchitekten (BÖIA) (Association of Austrian Interior Designers) sees itself as the representation of interior design in Austria for providing support to an autonomous professional field of all qualified specialists in this sector. An important component here is the reinforcement of the image of qualified interior design and the safeguarding of the certified quality of a professional title awarded according to strict criteria such as Interior Designer BÖIA or Interior Decorator BÖIA. And in like manner the conveyance of high standards by means of information, training and advanced training in the sector of interior design. Our partnership with the BÖIA demonstrates that we lend support to this demand and contribute to it with the means we have at our disposal.

AIA Europe

AIA Europe is the European arm of U.S. AIA (American Institute of Architects), representing a dynamic association of architects with international perspectives. Half of all members are architects from the United States who work and/or live in Europe. The other half consists of European architects, who have a professional, academic or personal interest in the United States. We support AIA Europe, not only to make its presence felt in individual countries, but also to gain visibility on a creative platform that spans continents. Other AIA organisations include: AIA UK, AIA Middle East, AIA Hong Kong, AIA Japan, and AIA Shanghai.

Further information.

The specification texts for each product are available for you as download in different formats in the Online-Catalogue at www.busch-jaeger-catalogue.com. Simply select the desired article and add it to your personal selection of specification texts via the "Specification texts" button. You can then download them via menu item "Specification texts" in the navigation as package in the formats GAEB 1990(*.d81), GAEB 2000 (*.p81) and Rich Text (*.rft).

Do you require the matching picture material for specifications, layouts and plans? No problem. Pictures of products, articles, interiors and much more are available for you in different formats in the Busch-Jaeger media database as download.

In overview Catalogue/Brochures you can find all brochures and catalogues as scrolling catalogues or for viewing/downloading as PDF file.
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All information related to products, such as operating manuals, dimensional and circuit diagrams, specification text, certificates, applications, firmware and additional tools for the individual products, you will find in the Busch-Jaeger Online-Catalogue at www.busch-jaeger-catalogue.com.

In the download sector you will see all the Busch-Jaeger downloads at a glance. From product images on up to the image film.
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