My parts list/tender specifications

Discontinuation type

Functions at a glance

  • For wireless switching and dimming of electrical loads.
  • For ZigBee Light Link flush-mounted inserts 6710 U, 6711 U and 6715 U.
  • In connection with the ZigBee Light Link flush-mounted inserts 6711 U and 6715 U the top rocker is used to switch or dim the non-ZLL lamps connected to the flush-mounted insert directly. In the case of 6736 and 6737, the other keys can be used for saving, calling and dimming lightscenes.
  • In combination with the ZigBee LightLink-UP insert 6710 U for storing and calling up 2 light scenes or dimming a light scene.
  • Eine Kombination mit anderen Systemen wie z.B. Philips hue ist möglich, sofern diese noch dem ZigBee Light Link 1.0-Standard entsprechen (nicht kompatibel zu ZigBee Home Automation oder ZigBee 3.0)
  • Push-button function: Switching/dimming/light scenes.
  • With labelling field.
  • Without enclosed labelling sheet.
  • Compatible lettering software is available at
  • Send/receive frequency: 2.4 GHz.
  • Free-field range: approx. 100 m.
  • Protection class (device): IP 20
  • Temperature range (device): -5 °C - 45 °C
  • Dimensions: (L x W x D): 64 mm x 64 mm x 18 mm
  • RAL colour number: Ähnlich 7021