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Functions at a glance

  • Master presence detector with mixed light measurement.
  • For regulating and switching of DALI operating devices that depend on brightness and movement.
  • For DALI broadcast operation (central telegram).
  • Supplies the required voltage for additional DALI operating units and controllers.
  • Suitable for up to 45 DALI operating devices.
  • For changing the colour temperature of >tunable white< lamps, which meet DALI Standard IEC 62386-209 (Device Type 8).
  • Colour temperature can then be set between 2,700 K - 6,500 K.
  • With additional switching output for the activation of heating, air conditioning and ventilation or for switching additional loads (e.g. panel light).
  • Configuration possible up to the complete deactivation of the DALI operating devices.
  • With Bluetooth interface for parameterization and operation.
  • Adjustment of all setting options via smartphone or tablet.
  • Light control via smartphone or tablet app.
  • Detection range (for installation height of 3 m): circular
  • Seated persons: up to Ø 10 m, walking persons: up to Ø 12 m.
  • Extension of the detection range by means of master/slave combination.
  • Visible height 23 mm.
  • For semi-automatic, comfort and fully automatic operation.
  • Additional activation/deactivation possibility through pushbutton input.
  • With continuous light/continuous off function (8 hours), activation via intelligent extension unit input possible.
  • With time-controlled basic illumination function.
  • With selectable warm-up function for fluorescent lamps.
  • With 2-step automatic switch-off (according to EnEV / EN 15232).
  • With time-controlled night anti-glare function.
  • With selectable presence simulation in case of non-presence.
  • With integrated storage of ON period (energy monitor).
  • With brightness-independent test mode for evaluating the detection zone.
  • With teach-in function of the brightness switching threshold, IR service remote control required.
  • With detection display in test mode.
  • Ceiling installation using integrated spring bracket.
  • Twist protection via additional quick tensioning.
  • Adjustment elements accessible on the front side.
  • Surveillance density: 72 sectors with 640 switching segments.
  • Individual deactivation and adjustment of sensitivity of individual sensors possible.
  • Switch-off delay: approx. 1 min. - 30 min. adjustable.
  • With selectable dynamic switch-off delay.
  • Suitable for false ceilings with a board thickness from 9 to 25 mm.
  • Hole size: Ø 68 mm.
  • Control element: 2 controllers for setting the brightness switching threshold and switch-off delay.
  • Display elements: LED detection and status indication.
  • Rated voltage: 110 V~230 V~, +10 % / -10 %
  • Rated frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Power dissipation: 0.3 W
  • Outputs: 1 Normally open contact, potential-bound
  • suitable for: 230 V incandescent lamps
    • Rated output: 1380 W
  • suitable for: 230 V~ LEDi, typical
    • Rated output: 200 W/VA
  • Control/Signal outputs: 1 DALI channels, independent
  • Rated current value: 100 mA
  • Output voltage suitable for: 16 V-
  • Protection class (device): IP 40
  • Temperature range (device): -5 °C - 45 °C
  • Brightness limit value: 5 Lux
  • Detection angle: 360 °
  • Dimensions: (L x W x D): 94 mm x 94 mm x 83 mm
  • Mounting depth: 60 mm
  • Mounting height: 2 m - 4 m
  • The detection range with a central approach is reduced.
  • In combination with a relay/contactor, an RC suppressor 6899 has to be used.
  • Free app for iOS and Android available in the App Store or Play Store.
  • Recommendation: HaloX® 100 from Kaiser (article no. 1281-00) with corresponding cover (1281-01 or 1281-61 for exposed concrete) or IBTronic H120-68 from Spelsberg
  • RAL colour number: Ähnlich 9016

Order details

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Price group:29
Price:222,00 EUR plus VAT
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