Weatherstation Multi Apartment Set for ABB-free@home®

Functions at a glance

  • The set includes all components to distribute the signal from a Weather Station in a 4-party house: Consisting of 1 Weather Station Consisting of 1 System Access Point Consisting of 1 Power supply Consisting of 4 USB-Interfaces Consisting of 4 USB-Cables
  • The set can be expanded by up to 12 additional USB-Interfaces and USB-Cables in order to supply up to 16 apartments.
    • Additional information about commissioning and operation is contained in the system manual and the online operating manual of the current Online-Catalogue.

      Order details

      Article No.:WS-Set-1.11
      Order No.:2CKA006220A0850
      Customs tariff number:85176200
      Preis:1.995,00 EUR plus VAT
      Info sheet:Download PDF