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Discontinuation type

Fan coil controller, PWM, 0-10 V, manual operation, MDRC

Functions at a glance

  • For controlling fan coil units or blower convectors. Two electronic outputs can be used to control two thermoelectric valve drives or a motor-operated valve drive for heating or cooling. The device has an analogue output for fan control. A relay output switches an additional load of up to 16 A, such as an additional electric heating system, for example. The status of the room can be detected and monitored via 4 inputs (useful for window sensor, dew point sensor, fill level sensor or temperature sensor). It is also possible to connect an analogue room control device (SAR/A or SAF/A) with the inputs of the device. The device has an integrated room temperature controller for controlling the room temperature, which can be used for the direct control of the outputs of the device. The FCC/S has an on-site operation that is easy to use. The i-bus tool can be used for extended diagnosis functions as well as for improved commissioning.

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      Article No.:FCC/S1.5.2.11
      Order No.:2CDG110235R0021
      Customs tariff number:85371091
      Price group:44
      Price:346,00 EUR plus VAT
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