GPS antenna for 4-channel annual timer 6144/40

Functions at a glance

  • Surface-mounted device for KNX 4-channel twelve-month timer 6144/40.
  • LED reception indicator.
  • A 3-core shrouded power cable (max. 200 m) can be used for connection.
  • Up to 10 timers can be connected in parallel to this antenna.
  • Can be used worldwide.
  • Reception and processing of the GPS time signal (GMT).
  • The output signal is a form of the DCF time telegram.
  • Time and date are read into the timer automatically.
  • Easy to mount, housing rotatable in the fixing bracket.
  • External power supply required (e.g. 6358-101)
  • For wall-mounting.
  • Display elements: Operating LED
  • Rated voltage: 12 V30 V
  • Protection class (device): IP 54
  • Temperature range (device): -20 °C - 55 °C
  • Dimensions: (L x W x D): 75 mm x 89.5 mm x 40 mm

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    Article No.:6144/41
    Order No.:2CKA006140A0029
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    Preis:151,00 EUR plus VAT
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