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Rocker Switch with parallel stroke switch mechanism
1gang 2way

Functions at a glance

  • Suitable for impuls cover plate with operating knob.
  • Rated voltage: 250 V~
  • Rated current: 10 AX
  • suitable for: LEDi / CFLi
    • Rated output: 100 W
  • Protection class (device): IP 20
    • Only in conjunction with standard flush-mounting boxes according to DIN 49073, erect or Busch-Jaeger No. 3040 wallbox stonework, 3050 wallbox cavity wall or 3060 wallbox concrete)
    • Replacement lamps 8360, 8362, and 8363 and LED inserts.
    • In case of low-power LED lamps or energy-saving lamps, self-ignition could be a problem (the lamps and/or the pulse aura flickers). Remedy: Use Compensator 6596 in parallel with the load.

      Order details

      Article No.:2001/6 U
      Order No.:2CKA001012A1614
      Customs tariff number:85365080
      Price group:01
      Price:15,87 EUR plus VAT
      Info sheet:Download PDF
      Wiring diagram
      1gang 2way, 2001/6 U
      1gang 2way with 1gang 2way, 2001/6 U with 2001/6U
      Rocker switch cross connection, 2001/6 U, 2001/7 U, and 2001/6 U