My parts list/tender specifications

Busch-Jalousiecontrol® II Venetian timer control element

Data Sheet:

For manual and time-controlled switching of blinds and roller blinds. With dusk to dawn program including (Astro-program) Individual Astro adjustment and Astro blocking time. The controlled devices can be manually operated at any time. Simple setting via high-resolution display with background illumination. With preset switching times/date/time. Factory-set switching times can be individually adjusted. Automatic switchover from summer time to winter time (switch-off function). Switching times/programme are safely stored in the event of a mains power failure. Power reserve for time and date > 10 years. Simple toggling between manual/automatic/vacation modes. Programming possible only with control element attached and energized. 2 switching times per day can be user-defined for each day of the week. Astro switching times and switching times can be combined. For basic blind insert 6418 U.