The home office is more than a secret weapon in times of crisis, but has become an alternative to the classic workplace in the office. Thanks to technological change and digitalisation, the working world around us has changed. However, in order to be productive within one's own four walls, one rule of thumb applies: the workplace at home must be practical and subordinate to the surroundings.

The home office has come to stay

The magic formula for an effective working day in the home office is based on various factors. Daylight, regular fresh air and a pleasant room temperature ensure your sense of well-being. A desk that is large enough and a place where you can work undisturbed are further prerequisites for a good workplace. Storage space for documents helps with a certain basic order. And green plants help to boost productivity in the home office.

for a cool mind

Light and air -

When planning your workspace, it's best to place your desk at a right angle to the window. That way you get plenty of daylight. This is still the best light for working in a room. If this is not possible, buy an appropriate lamp and take advantage of the breaks in the fresh air.

What do you think of the solutions from Phillips Hue or Ledvance, for example? These can also be integrated into your Busch-free@home® system so that you can control the lighting and numerous other functions in your Smart Home from your desk.

There are also task lights for the desk that promote concentration. Lamps with a brightness of about 800 lumens and a light colour between 3,300 and 5,300 Kelvin are ideal for this purpose. A smart light control system adjusts the lighting individually and creates a pleasant ambience of well-being.

In small rooms, the air is quickly used up, so regular intermittent ventilation helps. This keeps you awake and concentrated even after intensive working hours.

Sensors for a good climate

Smart sensors alert you to poor air quality at an early stage. When you're sitting at your desk for a long time, time flies - our sensors help you maintain the optimal balance of temperature, humidity and CO2 content in the air.

  • Busch CO₂ indoor air sensor

    The Busch CO₂ indoor air sensor measures the quality and humidity of the air and regulates the supply of fresh air. The clear display shows you the actual state of the air, the CO₂ content, humidity, air pressure and temperature. It automatically switches on the ventilation or opens the window as soon as one of the val

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  • Busch-Tenton®

    With the Busch-Tenton® control elements, you can conveniently control various functions in your Busch-free@home® or KNX system at a central point in the room. You can assign functions such as switching, dimming or scenes to the various buttons of the control element individually and as required. You can also select the symbols on the buttons individually.

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Smart helpers for everyday working life

Throughout the working day, there are different requirements that a home office has to meet. It's good to have little helpers on board to make everyday work easier.

Sockets near the desk are indispensable, so you should pay attention to this when positioning your workstation. To supply several devices with power at the same time, there are sockets that also have two USB connections for type A and type C. This is practical and saves space. This is practical and saves space. And they can also be easily replaced by existing sockets.

If the courier or tradesman rings in the middle of a meeting, you can use a door communication system to open the front door via an a

Product solutions for heating and climate control allow you to control various areas in your home that influence the indoor climate and therefore increase your well-being.



If you sit at your desk a lot, a good office chair is a must. A healthy posture should also be considered in the home office. At best, the desk should be height-adjustable or, in small rooms, have a pull-out top that simply disappears after work.