Trend 2023:

Tiles in the living room

Ceramic's properties make it perfect for damp rooms and therefore the optimal choice for bathrooms and kitchens. But tile is experiencing a revival because it is more than just functional. That is why it is also becoming increasingly popular in living spaces. It is a real visual enrichment in the living space as well. New colours and decors are conquering the walls and floors of bedrooms and other feel-good spaces.

Wood clears the field

Parquet has now been THE choice for modern interiors for a very long time. Even for bathrooms and kitchens. But now, with tiles, another natural material is moving into the living room. The reasons are many, and so are the advantages:

+ New decors provide a modern look. A huge selection really appeals to every taste.

+ Whereas wood parquet often contains chemical glues, ceramic remains natural and free of pollutants right through to the end product - a real plus for healthy living.

+ Keyword energy efficiency: ceramics conduct the heat of the underfloor heating much better than wood. And not only that: regardless of the heating system, the heat is also stored better. In other words, cosy warmth with lower energy consumption.

Tiles give rooms a new dimension. Their structures give the walls a special depth. Large-scale patterns transform floor and wall surfaces into unique eye-catchers.

Tile trends

  • Narrow joints

    Joints are kept extremely narrow today. This is how you recognise the modern style. If you want to create a similar look for your home, you should look for polished tile edges when buying.

  • Wall Tiles

    Wall tiles in XXL format create an imposing and at the same time calm overall appearance.The prerequisites for such a look, however, are absolutely flat surfaces.

  • Optics in concrete and stone

    Concrete and stone looks continue to be in vogue. They support modern (interior) architecture. Floor tiles with a wood look are also increasingly being used and achieve a unique effect.

  • Mosaics

    Mosaic patterns are experiencing a renaissance and are finding more and more friends. As a retro trend, they revive the design of old patterns to new life, or create a very modern look through different colour variations.

The new old natural material not only emphasises natural living styles such as the Skandi or country house style. Industrial design also works well with tiles on floors or walls. In addition, they come into question as effects for all kinds of interiors. Often, it is precisely a break in style between materials, structures and colours that achieves an unmistakable look. Let yourself be inspired here.
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