Modernization is essential for a building substance that will retain its value over the long term. And by integrating modern electrical technology, living spaces can be made smarter. We will show you what you should look out for when renovating, what options are available in the field of classic electrical installation and what funding opportunities are available for your projects.

Retrofitting a smart home is costly, complex and only possible in new buildings? We'll show you how it can be done easily and without tearing up your walls.
And the light switches for your home are only available in white or black? Then you'll love our variety of shapes and colors.
But besides light switches and sockets, there are hardly any other solutions, are there? And even in this case, we will show you which numerous product solutions are still available in the field of electrical installation.

Plan renovation correctly

If you want to renovate a house, an apartment or individual rooms, there are various ways to approach this project. Whether you just want to give your home a new coat of paint or completely redesign the rooms, we have the right product solutions and tools for you to make the electrical installation a complete success.

Little makeover

Matching light switch

Over time, tastes evolve, life circumstances change or children leave home - it's time for a new coat of paint and new furniture. But you shouldn't forget your light switches and sockets! We'll show you how you can make a big impact with just a little effort.

New electrical installation

If you are about to start renovation work, you should take another close look at the list of items for your electrical installation materials. Have you really thought of everything? We'll show you some small ideas that make life easier - for example, a flush-mounted motion detector in the hallway.

Smart Home

You don't believe it's possible to install a smart home system without tearing up all the walls again? We show you that it is possible. Be prepared for the future - with a Smarter Home System from Busch-Jaeger.

Small effort, big effect

New design

It's not always necessary to spend a lot of money on renovations to transform your home. A bucket of paint can be enough to give a room a whole new look. And with a matching switch design, you can coordinate even the smallest detail for a new sense of space. At Busch-Jaeger, we offer you a wide range of different designs. Whether round or square, classic white or colorful, plastic or glass frame - our designs are diverse and there is a suitable design for every taste and interior style.

  • You like it rather discreet?

    A consistent design and coordinated details are the key to a harmonious interior design. By using subtle colors, you can achieve a feeling of space that invites you to relax. The muted colors, such as white or silver, can be found in a wide variety of elements - including the light switches or sockets.
    These should not only be functional, but also fit into your interior design. Through the uniform design you create a harmonious and well thought-out overall picture.

    To the switch design
  • Or would you rather prefer it colored?

    Bright colors and current color trends play an important role in interior design. With fresh color tones, you can give your rooms that certain something - whether it's wall paint, textiles or decorative elements. Not to forget: the matching switch design. Popular color tones such as coral add liveliness and freshness to your rooms and, when combined with other design elements, create a modern yet cozy atmosphere. Let yourself be inspired by the current color trends and design your home according to your taste.

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  • Traditional? We can do that also!

    If you want to use traditional materials and designs when remodeling your rooms, it is recommended to consider real materials in traditional interior design. They stand for quality and give the room a certain elegance. For example, porcelain accessories such as vases, figurines or plates can be used as decorative elements. For a well-rounded look, the matching switch made of porcelain: Decento®. Discover the beauty of traditional interior design and be inspired by the real materials.

    To the switch design
  • And if it can be a little more...

    Each building has its own history and personal charm, and so do old buildings. With their elaborately designed facades and coordinated elements in the interior, the buildings have a character all their own. With the right switch designs, you can emphasize this charm and preserve the atmosphere without having to do without the latest technology. Get inspired by your home and design your rooms according to your taste.

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Small ideas that make life easier

Even more comfort

Modernization without masonry work. Instead of new holes and webs for flush-mounted boxes and cables, there are intelligent solutions that are simply integrated into the existing electrical installation. This makes the decision to convert or upgrade the technology easy, as there is no need for costly conversion work.

  • Motion sensor in the staircase

    A motion sensor in the stairwell offers many advantages in the context of comfort and safety. As soon as motion is detected, the motion detector switches on the light for you. This way you have both hands free and can, for example, carry your shopping into the apartment and reduce the risk of tripping. In addition, the light is also only switched on when it is actually needed. Here, the switching is precise, intelligent and reliable. As soon as you leave the staircase again, the light is switched off directly - so you save electricity and costs.

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  • Dimmer for the perfect lighting

    With a dimmer, you'll have the perfect lighting mood in a flash. Because dimming light is more than just choosing between on and off. It's the nuances between light and dark that create a pleasant lighting mood to make you feel good. Whether rotary knob or square pushbutton - the inserts fit into all desired switch ranges.

    For lighting control
  • USB socket - One place for all

    Surely you have already experienced the following situation: the socket is occupied, but you would like to quickly charge your smartphone? Our Schuko® USB socket offers a remedy with the perfect place for charging. It is a combination of a normal socket and two USB ports. So smartphones and tablets can be charged while the power is on at a fixed place. The socket is super retrofittable, as it can be easily placed as a replacement for a conventional socket.

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  • Ideal room temperature

    With a room temperature regulator, you can set your ideal comfort temperature and save energy at the same time. Thanks to an actual value display, you can see exactly how many degrees Celsius the room temperature currently is and readjust it exactly if desired.

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Prepared for the future

Simply smarter

With a Smarter Home System, you can make your home even more comfortable and at the same time be flexible for the future. With our smart product solutions, you can transform your home into a smart home without having to tear open walls and lay countless metres of cable: for example, with our smart room control Busch-flexTronics® wireless.

  • The beginning of smart control

    Busch-free@home flex
    With Busch-free@home® flex, new convenient and practical functions can be implemented without great effort by replacing the existing control points with Busch-free@home® flex components, such as the use of a timer or the saving/direct approach of blind positions or brightness values for dimmers for cozy lighting. And the switches can be controlled remotely via app. And all this without laying cables, because the system communicates by radio.

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  • The entire house becomes smart

    With Busch-free@home®.
    With Busch-free@home®, the entire home can be controlled as usual with switches and even more conveniently: with the smartphone or tablet. By touch control or voice control. Thanks to the app, you can not only switch on and off, but also control your home mobile, smart and precise. And thanks to the integration of various strong brands, your home technology becomes one unit.

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