The cities of tomorrow are smart, intelligently networked and equipped with flexible energy management.

Light + Building was postponed to September 2020. No reason for us not to present our innovations in the field of smarter home and building today. Curious? Then click here for our video on the 2020 New products presentation.


The topic of sustainability and economization of the resources of our earth are the topic in public discussion as never before. Politics and industry must accept the challenges of the future, especially in crowded urban areas with a high demand on energy. The point is to rethink the city of tomorrow. The energy of tomorrow is intelligent, networked, controlled by artificial intelligence, made-to-measure, efficient, and can be called up digitally. We share in shaping the future as market leader for electric installation technology. Each new product fully meets the highest demands on efficiency and future sustainability. That is what we stand for.


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Intelligent connectivity in one's own home is independence at its best. The networked technologies of ABB effortlessly, intuitively and efficiently raise the comfort to the next level.


ABB-free@home® adapts itself ideally to your wishes and spatial requirements. The intelligent technology controls blinds, light, heating, air-conditioning as well as door communication and perfectly adjusts the functions to each other

ABB-free@home® flex

ABB-free@home® flex extends the range of the ABB-free@home® system by means of a room control version that can be set up and controlled via Bluetooth connection.


Room control – easier than ever before

The high-performance range comprises four electronic flush-mounted inserts and three smart control elements for controlling the lighting and the blinds including timer. Adjust the settings of your ABB-free@home® flex devices individually according to the requirements via app. Your room control can be extended to a Smart Home without exchanging the hardware. The optional System Access Point offers access to a range of ABB-free@ home® functions to network devices, or for interactions with ABB-Welcome, Philips Hue, Alexa, Sonos. As an option you can also add a movement detector with ABB-free@home® flex, whose threshold value you can specify individually – including presence simulation for protection against burglars.

To the system side

Easy access in a new look

ABB-free@home® APP next

Control ABB-free@home®, ABB-free@home® Wireless and ABB-free@home® flex in a single app. ABB-free@home® flex devices can also be configured and controlled via Bluetooth connection. New is the overview of status messages and coming system actions, weather data via Internet or weather station as well as sorting according to rooms/trades. You can also configure your system via app.

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Needs-based cooling

Split Unit Gateway

Split Unit air-conditioning systems allow individual rooms to be cooled as required, consisting of an outdoor and indoor unit (Split Units). Control is carried out via the infrared remote control or the Split Unit Gateway.


ABB-free@home® multi-apartmentweather station

More and more multi-family houses are being equipped with blinds and awnings that need to be protected in all weathers. The new USB interface makes possible the installation of one or more weather stations via the USB input of the System Access Point. The measured values become visible and usable for all ABB-free@home® systems.

Smarter Home Configurator

The new configurator equally assists professionals and consumers to implement an individual Smart Home project.

Smarter Home Configurator

Optimum protection – thanks to networking

More safety is smarter

All networkable smoke alarms, CO and heat detectors from ABB can be easily integrated into ABB-free@home®. In addition to the Busch-Smoke alarm detector RF/Busch-CO Alarm Radio Module RF only the ABB-free@home® Alarm Stick is required. It is connected to the System Access Point and offers extensive alarm options. In this way ABB-free@home® automatically switches the lighting of the escape routes to full power, opens the blinds or cares for opening windows electrically in case of a CO alarm. At the same time the Hue lamps light up in warning colour red and push notifications are sent to defined receivers.

Busch-Smoke alarm detector

The Busch-Smoke alarm detector RF makes possible the connection of the ABB-Smoke alarm detector to external systems such as ABB-free@home® in combination with the ABB-free@home® Alarm Stick.

  • Manufactured according to DIN EN 14604 VdS-certified
  • Firmly installed 10-year battery
  • Radio networkable

Busch-CO Alarm ProfessionalLINE

The Busch-CO Alarm ProfessionalLINE is suitable for the connection to external systems such as ABB-free@home® via radio module Busch-CO Alarm Radio Module RF in combination with the ABB-free@home® Alarm Stick.

  • LCD display to indicate the current CO concentration
  • Radio networkable up to 20 detectors
  • Tested according to BS EN 50291- 1:2010 and BS EN 50291-2:2010

ABB-free@home® Alarm Stick

With the ABB-free@home® Alarm Stick networkable Busch-smoke-, CO- and heat detectors can be integrated in the ABB-free@home® system.

  • No wiring expenditure
  • Accurate allocation of alarm to the room (alarm localisation)
  • Triggering of Smart Home functions • Differentiation between smoke and CO alarms

Integration of DALI lamps

ABB-free@home® DALI Gateway

The ABB-free@home® DALI Gateway makes possible the easy integration of DALI lamps into the ABB-free@home® system. The lamps can be controlled the same as all other lamps. A separate USB programming device is not necessary.

Networking intelligent household appliances


With immediate effect, all HomeConnect and networkable Miele household appliances can be networked with the ABB-free@home® system. For example, the user can control the oven conveniently via smartphone, check how long the dryer will continue to run on the ABB-free@homeTouch or preheat a automatic coffee machine by scene. Prerequisite for use is a registration at MyBuildings portal (the optional cloud connection is free-ofcharge).

Busch-axcent® pur

Individualism includes a desire for a home that gives expression to personality. The reworked Busch-axcent® pur range does justice to this: with new, individual materials and colours.

Genuine high- quality materials for individualists

Modern genuine materials such as concrete, slate and pressed paper lend rooms that puristic note.

  • available materials: concrete, Slate, composite material of Paper and resin from Richlite®
  • Each design frame is unique
  • 1gang to 5gang cover frames

Accents in glass

The new Busch-axcent® pur colour range takes on current trends for attractive accents

  • Real glass frame with discreet calendered surface
  • Current trend colors
  • 1gang to 5gang cover frames


Puristic porcelain

For individualists who prefer unique pieces, the carat® series has been extended by the genuine material porcelain. The noble look of porcelain fits harmoniously and discreetly into stylisch interior designs.

  • Of real porcelain with rounded edges and noble finish
  • Flat installation possible
  • In each case 1gang to 3gang cover frame

New experience of light

Friends of Hue smart switch

The intelligent Friends of Hue smart light switches from ABB/ Busch-Jaeger raise the control of light to a new level. Configure and control all functions easily via the Philips Hue app. The smart switches can be integrated into the lighting system of your home without cables via the Hue Bridge. The set consists of a 2gang rocker and 1gang cover frame in future® linear design, a Friends of Hue smart switch insert without battery, as well as a double-sided adhesive tape and transparent labels for easy mounting.

Busch-Comfort switch

The elegant Busch-Comfort switch with integrated movement detector can be operated just like a normal light switch. The light is switched on automatically as soon as someone enters the detection range and switches off again when movement is no longer detected. Brightness-value threshold, switch-off delay and continuous operation can be selected individually.

Future-proof right from the start

ComfortLine – the new distributor range

The new ComfortLine Compact small distributors and ComfortLine meter and wall-mounted cabinets from ABB STRIEBEL & JOHN offer 50% larger flange openings, easily snap-in installation panels, integrated data channels, secure 3-point door locking and a high protection type of IP44.

Optimised features for mounting

Thanks to the comprehensive and consistent product portfolio in protection classes I and II, exemplary ease of installation and intelligent smart home solutions, the new ComfortLine cabinets from ABB STRIEBEL & JOHN meet all requirements in the best possible way.

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ABB RoomTouch®

ABB RoomTouch® KNX is a sensor-controlled HD-TouchDisplay for controlling functions for your home. The display that can be mounted in landscape format or portrait format is an attractive alternative to the standard KNX push-button. All functions can be controlled by means of gentle swiping or touching for intuitive operating comfort. Operating concept and selection of functions can be configured individually.

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Intelligent networking of building functions is the key to increased efficiency, profitability and sustainability. Modular system solutions that are integrated and networked offer the highest amount of flexibility and planability, to care for maximum safety, effortless comfort and the least input of energy.


With smartIP the user benefits from the networked operability of a wide range of building functions. The IP-based systems ABB-VideoControl, ABB-AccessControl and ABB-Welcome IP combine a variety of advantages.

One panel for all systems

IP touch

The IP touch 7" and IP touch 10" with their intuitive user interface offer a uniform solution for ABB-free@home®, ABB i-bus® KNX and ABB-Welcome IP. The white or black high-gloss optics of the glass impresses with its durability and timeless aesthetics. Via your smartphone or tablet you can see who is at your door while you are travelling. Made possible via the MyBuildings portal and the ABB-Welcome App.

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ABB-Welcome IP

By means of HD video communication the ABB-Welcome IP door communication monitors all entrance areas at the exterior side of the building, in the building and its surroundings. The outdoor stations can be used flexibly via network connection, whether in one-family houses or highrise buildings, office buildings, industrial buildings, hotels or hospitals.

To the system


With ABB-AccessControl you can handle complex access management easily and user-friendly. Via the Smart Access Point the system can be used as a stand-alone solution or as part of a building system scalable for every requirement. ABB-AccessControl transmits data highly encrypted. Access is possible via the MyBuildings portal powered by ABB Ability via remote control. ABB-AccessControl can be combined with ABB-Welcome IP  via the Smart Access Point.

To the system

ABB i-bus® KNX building automation

Choose ABB i-bus® KNX for a perfectly matched solution of intelligently linked automation for larger residential or office buildings.


The design and function can be selected according to your individual requirements



The ABB tacteo® glass sensor is a capacitive control element for intelligent building control in hotels, offices, public buildings and residential buildings. It meets all requirements for modern design, firstclass quality and, above all, maximum comfort: blinds, lighting, heating and media as well as access control can be easily controlled. With the ABB tacteo ® configurator the sensors can be individually designed according to customer requirements.

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Universally usable switch actuators

ABB i-bus® KNX Switch actuators

The ABB i-bus® KNX switch actuator ranges Combi, Standard and Professional offer the highest flexibility on the market. Fast parameterisation of the devices is possible due to a template function in the ETS.

Combi switch actuator

For the highest flexibility, especially in residential building projects, with the combination of switching and blind functions in one device

  • Adjustments are possible after the installation
  • Safety: Manual operation can be blocked
  • Intuitive commissioning

Standard switch actuator

The range covers all standard switch requirements in modern commercial projects.

  • Universal switching in every application
  • Simple operating options independent of voltage

Switch actuator Professional

For the highest switching capacity and extendable energy management function, especially for major building projects.

  • Resistive: Reliable switching of high loads

Scalable energy management solutions

System pro M compact InSite

The new System pro M compact® InSite is an innovative energy/network monitoring system with energy management functions. Measurement devices such as meters and network analysis devices are easy to integrate. The CMS bus in connection with the sensors can 

  • Several interfaces/APIs and data export functions 
  • Load control: Dedicated switching via integration of the I/O modules via KNX
  • Integration of all measurement devices possible via Modbus RTU

More efficient planning and building

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an intelligent planning process based on a 3D building model. All persons involved can work on the project at the same time. This makes it possible to determine early whether the planning of construction, time, mate

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High-performance solutions, efficiently conceived. The mobility of the future is progressing fast.

Smarter charging

Terra 54 DC Charging Station

To support the EV batteries that are increasing in performance, the Terra 54 makes continuous loading possible with 50 kW at 200 - 500 V, while Terra54HV even supports 200 - 920 V. All energy stations are ready for Connected Service for remote monitoring and diagnosis as well as data recording and software updates. Application areas: Petrol stations, shopping centers, office building, etc.

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The AC-Wallbox is a high-performance, cost-effective charging solution for electric vehicles. It can be mounted on a wall or a column. Application areas: Single/multi-family houses, functional buildings, parking garages, etc

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The compact DC-Wallbox is a 24 kWp fast loading station, especially suited for office buildings, department stores, car dealers. It supports charging standards CCS and CHAdeMO. With the ABB Ability Connected Services the DC wall charging station makes authentication, payment, monitoring, remote diagnosis and repair as well as wireless updates and upgrades possible. Application areas: Office buildings, department stores or car dealers.

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The future is now

A more sustainable future is a matter of pioneering technologies. Mission to Zero for Smart Buildings stands for our commitment as a technology leader to break new ground in energy efficiency