Electrical installation material with the highest quality standards

Suppliers and partners make a significant contribution to the market success of our products and solutions. Together, we are further expanding our product portfolio and our quality standards for our electrical installation material.


Today, more than ever, the market success of our products depends on quality, reliabilty, flexibilty, innovation, the costs and environment-friendly production of the offered and delivered commodities and the services to be rendered.
These aims have gained significant importance over the past few years. Our suppliers and service providers are doing their stint to make this success happen.
Experienced and qualified suppliers increase our productivity and our competitive capacity. In our view, early involvement, global and mutual information policy and the relentless pursuit of improving together is the foundation of a cooperation based on partnership.


Through the optimal use of resources, continuous innovations, needs-specific use of buying market competencies and excellent employees, we aim to consolidate and expand on the competitive and value advantages for BJE and our customers.


  • Ensure that the provision of production materials, trade goods, manufacturing equipment as well as raw materials and consumables to BJE is smooth, top-quality and cost-efficient in order to maintain and build on BJE's competitiveness.
  • Support BJE and ABB business strategies, particularly with regard to the optimization of logistics, the increase in productivity (i.e. price and cost reductions) and all other processes in the value chain at BJE.
  • Provision of resources and buying market-specific input for BJE products and innovations with a view to making the lives of BJE's customers safer and easier.

Your Expectations

In collaboration with the market leader in home installation technology, you are integrated into the international activities of the ABB Group (Asea Brown Boveri AG).
You gain competitive advantages through working in a partnership and through technical cooperation.
If you provide excellent levels of delivery and service, you can expect long-term and reliable business relationships, particularly with regard to costs, quality and on-time delivery. 

Our aims

  • The highest level of supply security (level of service)
  • Zero-error quality
  • Lowest stock levels
  • Supply at the correct time, with the correct quantity, the correct type and to the correct location (100% on-time delivery)
  • Shortest delivery times
  • Lowest cost level
  • Highest innovative ability

Our Requirements

Creating comprehensive solutions that make life more efficient, comfortable, and secure. Being the strong brand that enthuses its customers with the decisive added value: this is the credo of Busch-Jaeger. In the process, innovation is the driving force for our entrepreneurial success. Here, the traditionally strong role between electrical wholesalers and the electrical trade play an essential role.

Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH develops and markets high-quality products and solutions for safe and economical energy usage and for an increased quality of life. Everything we think and do is therefore focussed on our customers, their ideas and their wishes.

In addition, as part of the manufacturer's liability, our company is responsible for quality and the environment, even when dealing with third parties. Suppliers are therefore responsible for effectively setting up and maintaining a modern, documented management system. This is the only way to guarantee customer satisfaction.

To ensure the quality of the supplies in the long-term, but also to comply with existing agreements, Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH installed a supplier controlling system. The development of our global suppliers is an ongoing process that continues to put the focus on the service from the supplier by performing supplier qualifications, closing target agreements, controlling the figures and carrying out actions for improvement (e.g. for assessments and the supplier evaluation).

Metal Strips and Wires

Non-Ferrous Metal Strips.

  • Brass, bronze and special alloys
  • Crude steel strips Cu Zn 37, Cu Zn 15
  • Bare strips Cu Zn 37, Cu Zn 15 bronze strips

Steel Strips.

  • Crude steel strips
  • Stainless precision trip steel, material 1.4310
  • Cold-rolled high-quality strip steel, material CK 75
  • Roll-bonded, brass-plated strips, DC 04

Aluminium Strips.

  • Deep-drawing
  • Pre-anodized coil-coating procedure


  • Round wires and mini profiles from contact materials (silver)

Synthetic Granules


  • PC
  • PP
  • PA
  • TPE-S
  • ASA
  • PBT
  • Other

Thermoset Plastics.

  • UF
  • Copolymer

Job Order Production of Plastic and Metal Parts

A defined spectrum of thermoplastic and thermosetting injection moulded parts and/or plastic pressed parts as well as metal parts are produced worldwide by qualified, competitive contract manufacturing partners.

The requirements for metal parts are as follows.


  • Stampings from iron and non-iron metals


  • Metric plastic and sheet metal screws

Turn Parts.

  • Brass, aluminium, free-cutting steel
  • Main dimensional range 0.6 mm - 8 mm


  • Compression, tension and torsion springs as well as wire bending parts, in the smallest measurements and tightest tolerances, made from steel wire and stainless steel wire

Standard Parts.

  • In accordance with DIN, ISO and EN, including C-parts management

Die-Cast Parts.

  • From aluminium

Subprocesses, such as some forms of surface plating, are also outsourced.

  • Varnishing
  • Metallization
  • Galvanizing
  • Anodization
  • Chemical coating, UV coating and other protective coating

The job order production also comprises specific assemblies of plastic parts and/or metal parts.

Packaging Films

Flat (Bag) Films.

  • LDPE (low density polyethylen)

Other Films.

  • Thermal transfer film
  • Shrink film
  • Plastic film

Packaging Boxes

Solid Board.

  • Individually printed
  • One to four colours

Corrugated Board.

  • Individually printed
  • Single- or double-face

Electronic Products

  • Printed Circuit Boards: Bi-layer and 4-fold multilayer
  • Resistors
  • Relays
  • Microprocessors
  • Potentiometers
  • Capacitors
  • Inductors
  • Displays

Plastic and Metal Tools

Plastic Tools.

  • Injection moulding tools for thermoplastics
  • Injection moulding tools for thermosetting plastics
  • Pressing tools for thermosetting plastics

Metal Tools.

  • Punching tools for metals

Other Investments and Ressources

Installations and Equipment.

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Individual machines
  • (Assembly) equipment

Promotion Matter

  • Printed matter
  • Catalogues and leaflets
  • Gifts
  • Presentation materials


  • Developments
  • Leasing
  • Building cleaning services
  • Servicing
  • Maintenance services

Consumables and Supplies

  • Energy
  • Office materials
  • Occupational safety
  • Tool materials
  • Other supplies
  • Oil, conditioned components and electrical items
  • Steels, pneumatics, etc.