Optimal planning of electrical installation

We offer installers a complete range of products and systems as well as numerous services and tools that simplify the configuration, planning and installation of an electrical installation.

Millions of options and more

Complete variety. For every application. For every situation. For every requirement. Because the Busch-Jaeger range follows the holistic approach. And that is why it can be implemented in a flexible and modular way in the most diverse projects.

Busch-Jaeger Online-Catalogue

All information related to products, such as operating manuals, dimensional and circuit diagrams, specification text, certificates, applications, firmware and additional tools for the individual products, you will find in the Busch-Jaeger Online-Catalogue at www.busch-jaeger-catalogue.com.

  • Current products and archive. The Busch-Jaeger Online-Catalogue offers direct access to a complete overview of all Busch-Jaeger products and applications. Here you will find all product details including options for creating combinations, dimensional and connection diagrams, operating instructions, technical reference manuals, certificates and software.
  • In many areas, tip and tricks provided in advance make sure that you are prepared for your installations. Unnecessary trips for repairs or missing parts are thus prevented.
  • The online piece list provides with perfect project planning down to the last detail. Already in the lead-up you can configure all the parts you need. The system informs you automatically about the necessary elements. You will receive a complete list of all individual items with prices and personal discounts. You can thus provide your customers with a precise calculation and also have your own turnover completely under control.
  • In the 'My software downloads' section at www.busch-jaeger-catalogue.com/software all files are available in an overview for downloading. Select between ETS3 applications, ETS4 applications, firmware and additional software or simply select 'All'. You will quickly find the desired version via the sorting function according to order no., article no., software version or date.

Labelling tool

The labelling on the switches provides orientation and makes their correct use easy. Our free online tool makes it extremely easy to offer your customers professionally labeled switches. And to impress them with this service.
Instead of badly fitting labels, laborious formatting at the computer or difficult to read and often unattractive handwritten labels: perfect labelling with a precise fit at top speed. At www.busch-jaeger-labelingtool.com you will find everything you need.

Fast product selection with tailor-made labelling.

Surface-mounted or flush-mounted, water protected, safety switches, KNX sensors – the Busch-Jaeger range allows you to make the right choice. Just a few clicks will take you to the right product, and, for clear orientation, the switches are always displayed in the picture. Based on the selection, the system automatically fixes the format and the required number of labels per unit, to ensure the size and quantity are correct. For your individual labelling, which you configure live in the product, you also have the choice between different print options such as white or black lettering on transparent foil.

Free download or inexpensive printing service.

Simply download the free PDF template if you wish to print them yourself. Or use our inexpensive printing service. By the way: Our printing service, for example, also makes white on transparent foil possible. No matter whether free download of templates or inexpensive printing service: With our efficient Busch-Jaeger labelling tool you profit from quality, speed and satisfied customers.