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Architecture is like music cast in shape... philosophers and poets like Goethe already felt this way. We would like to share this beautiful feeling with you. Welcome to Frozen Music.

Get to know trendsetting architectural projects - and the creative minds behind them. We take you on a varied journey. In our video series FROZEN MUSIC.

Digital and intelligent technologies and their increasing importance for buildings and cities are an important factor in the architectural design process today. Architects are confronted with high expectations regarding design, function and performance of a building. The ability to implement secure technology that enables the control and reduction of energy consumption and the overall carbon footprint of a building is a key element. When the same technology provides additional security to residents and makes it easier for them to control lighting, blinds, air quality and climate, it provides a high level of comfort to the user and is an excellent tool for a successful building.

New Episode

Take a trip into nature with us, to the Styrian Alpine Pass Pogusch in Austria. There, in the middle of the forest, we find a special kind of tree house. Inspired by a child's imagination and implemented by the architect duo Chris and Fei Precht, Bert the tree house stands for ecological tourism with the greatest possible comfort for the guest. As part of the forest, Bert lets his guests immerse themselves deeply in nature and heighten environmental awareness. Let yourself be inspired.

New Episode

Another exciting episode of Frozen Music will be released on October 28th. Join us on a journey into the woods to "Bert" the modular tree house and let yourself be inspired!

Episode 4

In the fourth episode we take you to Austria to the Pogusch Alpine Pass. There stands the tree house in the middle of the forest Bert. With Bert, the architectural duo Precht has created ecological, energy-saving and comfortable guest accommodation that looks like a fairy tale character from the forest.

Episode 3

In the third episode we will take you to Munich. In the museum quarter there is the "LUDWIG". With its timeless and attractive appearance, the residential building designed by Schluchtmann Architects blends harmoniously into the cityscape.

Episode 2

The second episode is about the Verve project in Frankfurt. Architect Daniel Libeskind created seven different villas in a common harmony. For him, creating living space is the highest art.

Episode 1

In the first episode we take you on an architectural visit to Düsseldorf. In the north of the city we are welcomed by "L'Oréal-Horizon", the fascinating new headquarters of L'Oréal Germany.

"Architecture expresses who we are and who we want to be. As an individual, as a company and as a society. To get to know brilliant, innovative architectural projects is therefore a fantastic experience for me. It shows us where the journey is heading."

Katrin Förster
International Key Account Manager
Architects and Interior Designers