LEIBL22, Potsdam

"Intelligent" apartments are created in Potsdam.

THAMM & PARTNER with their new building project LEIBL22 are setting new standards in the residential building sector - intelligent, iPad-controlled building technology is included in the price.

With the modern new building project LEIBL22, THAMM & PARTNER are constructing new-generation residential buildings in Potsdam's historic old city centre. The most modern installations of "intelligent living" are made possible: Every new resident receives an iPad with which the entire technical facilities of the apartment can be controlled - no matter where in the world the owner happens to be at the time. The comprehensive service package will for the first time be integrated directly into the square-meter price of the apartment throughout Germany - and up to a web-concierge which can be reached with a press of a button via video connection or e-mail and which accepts the wishes of the owner of the apartment.


Embedded between Heiligensee and Holländischem Viertel (Dutch Quarter), the new building project LEIBL22 is centrally located close to the pedestrian zone and the historic old city centre. Ten apartments, six maisonettes, three city houses and one commercial unit are built on a property totalling 2,060 square meters. A special feature: Operated by the bus system, which is installed in the apartment and included in the price, the apartment can be controlled with the press of a button via the included iPad.


Integrated products from Busch-Jaeger:


Home automation with the ABB i-bus® KNX


Sensors, switches and socket outlets of the future® linear range