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Functions at a glance

  • Battery-supplied infrared remote control.
  • For IR receiver and KNX flush-mounted IR interfaces (selection of 2 memo functions for each address group and ALL OFF).
  • Address group switch-over (1-5/6-10)
  • Supply: 6 V Flat-Pack battery (e.g. Duracell 7 K 67, not included in delivery)
  • Range: 15 m
    • For programming the memory M1 and M2 the IR Mobile Remote Control 6010-xx is required.
    • For function together with KNX flush-mounted, infrared interface, see Technical Manual.
    • Surface painted.

    Order details

    Article No.:6020-20
    Order No.:2CKA006020A0036
    Customs tariff number:85176200
    Price group:19
    Price:135,00 EUR plus VAT
    Info sheet:Download PDF


    Instruction manual
    Technical manual
    Tips / Tricks
    IR wall-mounted transmitters 6020-… and 6021-…
    Horizontal/vertical transmission range of wall-mounted transmitters 6020-... and 6021-...
    Transmission range of wall-mounted transmitters 6020-… and 6021-… (100% = 15 m)
    Reception range of flush-mounted receivers and socket receivers (100 % = 15 m)
    Horizontal detection of the flush-mounted and socket outlet receivers
    Compatible with
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