Electrothermal Valve Drives, from Möhlenhoff with function indicator

Functions at a glance

  • For controlling heating and cooled ceilings in combination with the heating actuator 6164 U.
  • The Filament Transformer 6190/49 can be used as the voltage supply
  • With function display (opened or closed).
  • de-energized when closed
  • max. opening/closing time: 3 min
  • For installing, a suitable valve adapter is required.
  • Connecting cable: 1.0 m (pluggable)
  • Power input: 70mA (approx. 2W)
  • Making current: 200 mA (short-time)
  • Rated voltage: 24 V
  • Protection class (device): IP 40
  • Dimensions: (L x W x D): 43 mm x 47 mm

    Order details

    Article No.:6164/11
    Order No.:2CKA006151A0174
    Customs tariff number:85365080
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    Instruction manual
    Technical manual
    Wiring diagram
    Heating actuator 6164 U (1) up to 5 electrothermal valve drive 6164/xx-101 (2) A= Either 230 V~ or 24 V AC B= Programming LED C= Programming key