Functions at a glance

  • With down-leading outlet.
  • For IBM ACS-/Reichle & De-Massari dual connection moduls together with modul module supports 1801 EB-10 or 1801 EB-16.
  • Size of labelling field: 41.5 x 10 mm.
  • Without claws.
    • For compatible lettering software, visit
    • Real metal surface.

    Order details

    Article No.:1801-20
    Order No.:2CKA001753A9251
    Customs tariff number:85389099
    Preis:24,26 EUR plus VAT
    Info sheet:Download PDF
    Cover plate with down-leading outlet for 2 modular jack inserts, RJ45, 1801-21, and required module rack 1801 EB-…, for IBM-ACS Cat. 5, OWG, Reichle & De Massari